Benjamin the cat has been staying at a friend’s apartment for the last month as we waited for our house to be delivered. Now that we have the house we decided we wanted to get Benji acclimated to the house ASAP as our friend needed to get out of their apartment.

He HATES moving and all the commotion involved so by the time Audrey picked him up, he was quite the grumpy-puss.

Before we let him out of his crate, we tidied the house and made sure his food, water bowl, scratching post, and kitty litter were set up and ready for immediate use.

Taking a break

Within 20 minutes of sniffing every square-inch of the lower level he was, with a little bit of coaxing, up the ladder and exploring loft and bed. This quickly lead to purring of contentment.

After I went back down to get a drink, I looked up to see him eyeing me for tuna.

tiny house

Before the night was over, he was acting like his regular self again. Once I get the cat-door finished he’ll be exploring the yard and being a very happy, albeit a slightly anti-social, kitty.

tiny house