The two of us and Mr B have now been living in the Addison Mansion for a full week!

There are many tasks to get settled into any house and a home of our size is no different. We have gone out and shopped for shower curtains, drapes, toilet paper holder, towel racks, supplies to build a cat door, and all the bits that make our lives a bit more cozy and give the place a feeling of “home”. It is thrilling to realize how much we don’t need to buy since we’re working with a smaller space.

There is an growing extensive list of the actions we want to take on our house, another list of actions that our builder must complete to call our house “finished”, and another list of “wishes”.

Magnetic knife racks are useful #tinyhouse

Mr B has been settling into our routine quite nicely, and although the cat-door and ramp aren’t quite yet finished, I have been letting him outside to explore and establish his territory. But, since the weather has drastically cooled down, he has started spending time in our laps and at the foot of our bed rather than being a loner.

I’ll be posting bits and pictures of some of the things we’ve done to make the place more of a “home” and show how we had to over-come challenges of being a low-footprint home-owner.

-Tomas & Audrey