Tonight we saw Dee Williams give a talk about tiny homes at the Hand-Eye Supply store for the Curiosity Club in Portland. It is always wonderful to see her present, and I might sound like a broken record, but she never fails to be an inspiration. She talks about the things that really matter: A connection of people and especially how we are connected together at this particular time in the world. Sometimes the big picture is hard to see when focusing on the day-to-day.

She asked me was what is something I love about living in the tiny home. It usually takes me time to come up with a good answer, and what I quickly responded with was having my kitty and Tomas with me. But the answer I should have given was that in this short month I’ve noticed another really awesome side of Tomas I haven’t seen before; a creative, home-project tinker-er who is inquisitive about how things work and how he can polish up our home and make it even cozier. I’m excited to see what other projects he comes up with!

Other topics discussed at the meeting were how build projects often don’t go as planned the first time around, and that the “next build” is always better than the first. Also, it’s hard to put things into perspective sometimes when projects aren’t “perfect” and how much obsessing, fixing, or changing is really necessary? What are the ultimate goals of the project? It’s such an interesting topic to me as I am one to often get stuck on the little details.

Here’s a link from Portland Alternative Dwellings website to see Dee’s talk!