We’ve been unhappy with our closet since day one of taking ownership of our tiny house.

The day after we moved into our house, we took the first step of self-empowerment by using an electric drill to remove the crummy looking door from the closet and chucking it out the front door. It’s still on the front lawn.

Why didn’t we like the closet? As you can see in the picture below, the single door it had was made of the same tongue-and-groove wood as the walls were made, but the lines didn’t match up and it flopped open without any sort of latch.

Audrey Signs

Another problem with the closet is that the narrow door and extra lumber prevented the clothes hangers from easily sliding across the dowel and made it very inconvenient to get to items on the left side and on the floor.

Can't slide clothes across

Out came the borrowed Rockwell Sonicrafter and Saws-all to cut out a bit of wall and make the closet more useful to both of us.

Time to cut some nails.

After some huffing, puffing, and wrestling out some nails, I was able to get cutting and taking out chunks of the tongue-and-groove wood. I already have an idea for re-using it in another house project!


The closet was then finished off with a curtain that we’ve grown to like. Now that we have access to the entire closet, we will re-consider a door and making plans to spit-and-polish a few rough spots in the interior.