We had our first over-night tiny house guest! Over Thanksgiving week, my wonderful mother came out all the way from Florida to visit us and our tiny home. During her stay, Tomas slept on the “day bed” and my mom and I slept in the loft. Things I knew about my mom before the tiny house: She is awesome. She is supportive of all my dreams (as non traditional and different as they may be). She is sweet, fun, energetic, adventurous, and loving. Something I found out about my mom after the tiny house: she snores.


I love her dearly. Something maybe to consider when living in a tiny space is sleep habits. Something we’ve heard mentioned by Dee is how important it is to know one’s self and do some self anthropology when thinking about living in a tiny space. It may also be important to know a little something about those who would share the tiny space with you too. 🙂 Joan Grimm from Portland Alternative Dwelling also once told me: “things in the tiny home are magnified.” So perhaps habits and quirks may become more noticeable. Overall the visit went really well and it was really great to reconnect with my mom.

Her thoughts on the tiny home and her visit: “I truly enjoyed seeing my daughter and getting to meet Tomas. It was very special because after following the building progress with pictures and blog, I finally got to spend some time in the tiny home! What I loved:  The wonderful smell of pine; tall ceiling in “great room” that gave a spacious feel; skylights and french doors (lots of natural light!); sleeping in the loft; all of Tomas’ creative improvements; that it looks like a beautiful house on the outside too. What I didn’t like:  that I snored so loud!! I am so happy that although “tiny”, Audrey and Tomas have a home that felt very “big” with love.” – Mumsie.