I can hardly believe it’s been a month already. So, what have we learned so far?

Top 10 things:

1. If we could do things differently, we would have had a contract specialist or lawyer review a building contract prior to construction.
Tiny House Plans - Additions
2. Composting toilets aren’t as scary as they seem.
3. We have a love-hate relationship with water.
Awning over the heater
4. Small spaces are easy to clean, but easier to make messy.
5. With home-ownership comes great responsibility.
Broken Plumbing
6.  With homeownership also comes a sense of empowerment (for some).
Keeping myself busy with home improvement projects. Front doors now have blinds.
7. Having a cat for a tiny housemate has cuddly pros and stinky cons.
8. It’s fun to entertain guests two at a time.
9. Waking up to hummingbirds is awesome, waking up to snoring mothers? Not so awesome. 😉
10. We have a lot more to learn!

construction day at the Addison Mansion.

Hugs and Kisses,

Audrey & Tomas