We like to keep the house nice and kept but sometimes projects make a mess. The day I was working on mounting a shelving bracket in the closet, the “Great Room” looked like a mess.

Construction Mess

What you don’t get to see in the still pictures is the 5 minutes it took to get the room back into picturesque condition once all the tools were put away and everything was back into place.

Even when we have company over, it takes very little time to clean the kitchen and put everything away afterwards.

One mess that we can’t seem to keep at bay is the number of pine needles that make their way into the carpets. Since we don’t have many stepping stones to get to our porch, we are forced to walk on gravel, grass, and a little bit of mud before we can wipe our boots. Still, the dirt gets in. But, again, keeping a small vacuum cleaner has made this tedious chore a swift clean-up.

I think the longest we’ve spent cleaning in any one day was about 30 minutes. We made the bed, vacuumed upstairs and all the rugs, wiped down the counter, washed a few dishes, swept, mopped, emptied the toilet, and put everything in its place.

I don’t know of a time where I lived in a situation where I spent so little time cleaning. This is pretty nice.