Audrey was a little worried about Benjamin and the Tiny House. He’s going on 14-years-old and for 13 of those years he has always been an indoor cat, but last year he was given access to the outside world and has done really well.

I didn’t have the cat-door for the tiny-house finished for the first couple of weeks of living in the tiny house so we had to deal with Benjamin’s stinkiness at all hours of the day. That was VERY unpleasant.

He eventually learned he could scratch at the door and we would let him out and back in. This was also unpleasant as he would scratch at 2am, 2:15am, 3am, 3:05am, and so on.


A couple of weeks ago he finally started using the cat door! We can finally breath a little easier without having to pick up his “deposits” every day.

Some people have been very curious as to how he’s taken going up and down the ladder. Well, the ladder is more like steep stairs that we can get up and down fairly easily without holding on to the sides. Benjamin took to the stairs within minutes of moving into the house. He LOVES to sit on the stairs and over-see his domain while we are up and doing stuff in the house.

Mr B really likes hanging out on the stairs.

Lastly, he gets down quickly when he wants, especially when I open a container of tuna or chicken.