This turned out to be a pretty easy project, in total about 20 minutes of work and around $20 in hardware.

We found two 2’x1′ sheets of stainless steel at our local Home Depot while on a run for house-hold-making supplies. We had pre-measured the stove-top to make sure we would get the right size should we find the right material.

Digging out the power drill again for the day, I drilled four holes in the corners, took some low-grit sandpaper to round out the corners and smooth out the edges. Since the metal is quite flat against the wall, I didn’t really worry about curling in each edge, but if I find some sort of edging or trim then I might add it.

Tight fit for the stove

Placing the sheets as a mock-up:

The sheets screwed into the wall with four brass screws per sheet.

Easy. Done. I can now cook bacon again.

It’s not perfect as I already noticed some bowing in the metal that can be fixed with additional screws, but now all the bacon grease and general cooking splashes will be easy to clean, heat reflected back at the cooking instead of the wooden wall absorbing grease or whatever flies out of the frying pan.