Today has been a very disappointing day.


Some weeks ago we bought a power-mover in anticipation of the eventual need and want to move our tiny house into a better position on the plot of land we’re parked at. We figured we could wait for a dry spell, recruit some friends, then turn the house into the spot.

After many weeks of rain, the weather finally decided to cooperate. There was a stretch of a few days without any rain at all, the ground had been freezing, so everything felt nice and firm.

I recruited a couple of friends to come help me dismantle the awning and to be the muscle once the house started rolling. This was my first time using the power mover at all so I wasn’t sure how great it would work.

On our very first try, the wheels spun out as the high-torque motor just pushed the gravel aside and dug deep into the underlying sand.


We jacked up the house and power mover to put some boards under the wheels to give a more solid grip. With some man-power pushing the house from the rear, we were able to coax the house about 12 feet forward, but the very slight upslope and soft ground brought the attempt to a literal stand-still.


The sky went from clear and sunny to a gray overcast during the attempt. The weather radar changed, bringing frowns to our faces as we realized that the weather may be turning sour.

We made the decision to scratch the attempt and push the house back into its original spot. We were mostly on target but still about 8-inches off to the side. But now the lowest side of the wheels were on some boards so this made it easier to level the house.


Just as we wrapped up the last of the awning re-assembling, we were pelted with a few drops of rain just to seal the day.

We’ll re-evaluate the ground, wait for another dry spell, and recruit MORE friends on a Saturday so we can get a larger turn out. This should do the trick.

We’ll chalk this up to another lesson learned, good experience, and plan for the next attempt with high optimism.