Things I love Part II

Great idea, Tomas! Here are the top things that I LOVE about living in our tiny home.

  1. In-line With My Beliefs, Values, and Ideals
  2. Tomas’s Inner Bob Villa
  3. Community Support
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Home Ownership
  6. Closeness to Nature
  7. Cozy, Quiet, and Quick to Clean
  8. Changeable
  9. Helpful to Others
  10. A Good Start

More on all that:

1. In-line with my beliefs, values, and ideals: I feel extremely privileged to live in a time and place where my basic needs are so easily met. I sit in a cozy, warm space with a cuddly kitty on my lap, a computer to type on, and licorice to snack on; I am an extremely lucky person.  I want to be the person who makes the choice to use or have a little less and live on a smaller scale so that someone else somewhere may have a little more. I truly believe that the choices we make now have an impact on the earth and what our future holds. The paradox of choice feels really heavy at times and I want to feel as if I’m making decisions that might result in a lighter impact on future needs.

2. Tomas’s inner Bob Villa: His enthusiasm and creativity for home projects has been irreplaceable. His experience, drive, and willingness to make changes have been incredibly impressive. He doesn’t just talk about projects; he follows through and takes a lot of (deserved) pride in his work.

3. Community support: We wouldn’t be parked where we are if the neighbors, land-owner, and land-mates hadn’t opened their minds to trying something different. It shows that this option exists and can work really well with support. I love the idea of shared space and community involvement in the land. Why should a row of 8 houses have 8 separate lawn mowers? If we could make do with less and share a little, we’d all have a little more.

4. Mindfulness: I love that this process (and it is a process!) has given us an opportunity to get to know ourselves better. It’s emphasized our true wants and needs and we’re learning that we don’t need much. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about perspectives and how lucky we are to have what we have in a world where so many have so little. Progress is a common societal goal; it might sound backwards but I’d like to make progress moving towards something simpler.

5. Home ownership: Mortgages, debt, and being tied to a job scare me. Someone mentioned that living in such a small space would feel to them like they were “a lion in a cage walking back and forth”. It’s funny because that trapped feeling is what I’d use to describe owing money to banks and working to pay for a space to store stuff. At this point, I’m a little uneasy about what the future holds once I reach retirement age. I’ve seen friends and family go through hard times due to the 2008 recession. I’d really like to take this tiny home ownership opportunity to save, save, and save some more.

6. Closeness to nature: This is one of the fun things I love about living in a tiny space. We don’t have to go outside to know it’s raining (and not just because we live in Portland); we can hear the pitter-patter on the roof.  And it’s SO fun to have the hummingbird feeder outside the loft window that allows us to see them and hear them buzzing in the mornings. I can’t wait to experience nature in the tiny home in spring, summer, and fall when it’s not raining so much.

7. Cozy, quiet, and quick to clean: Like Tomas mentioned, the house doesn’t take too long to pick up, it is in a quiet space, and since we’ve “nested” and made improvements the place has become quite cozy. Something that really makes it feel cozy to me is our lighting. We did a good job picking out LED puck lights that have a nice soft glow.

8. Changeable: Hooray for changing things we don’t like! Taking action is empowering and we can learn through the process of doing so.

9. Helpful to others: I love that sharing our experience might help someone else with an interest in tiny home living. Seeing people I know and meeting those living successfully in tiny homes around the area has been inspirational to me. It made me feel like it really is possible. This is what gave me the courage to move forward into pretty uncertain territory and if we can do that for someone else, that’s pretty powerful.

10. A good start: It might sound corny, but the tiny home gives me hope towards something greater for humanity. By “greater” I mean less consumption and more thought towards a happy and healthy society. I think there’s potential in these kinds of movements to show something that might be a better (and be more sustainable) option than urban sprawl and McMansions. Often I feel a bit sheltered from the variety of ways people live in the world and I think trying on the tiny home has been a good way to understand another way.

– Audrey