What do I love most about living in my Tiny House? Audrey may share many of these sentiments, but I thought I’d share my own opinion.

  1. Simple & Cozy
  2. Owning Less Stuff
  3. We Own It
  4. We Can Modify It
  5. It’s Brought Out My Inner Bob Vila
  6. Using Fewer Resources
  7. Peace & Quiet
  8. Frugal Living
  9. Clean-up is Quick
  10. It’s Everything I Need, Nothing More

Let me explain further:

1. It’s simple & cozy: Although we have propane, water, and electricity, the system is comparitively simple compared to typical modern homes and most all of it is easy to access and maintain should something need to be fixed or if we decide to change something. It doesn’t take much to heat the whole house, and never at any point have I felt like it wouldn’t be “enough” for us.

2. Owning less stuff: For the exception of the bicycles parked outside, we can pretty much account for all of our worldly possessions by standing in the middle of the room. Rarely do we have the moment of “do we own object x?” or “Why do I have two of object y?”. Everything we NEED is right here, easy to access, and purposeful.

3. We own it: Our house is sans mortgage. No bank can take it from us. No massive 30-year loan with excessive interest to owed to anyone. This keeps our month to month expenses pretty low and allows us to plan for a future home.

4. We can modify it: Since we aren’t renting the home, we can modify it to our heart’s content. One of the first things we did upon receiving the house was to take off the closet door that we hated and chucked it out the front door. In the last two months, we’ve done countless other small things to the home to make it ours and to meet our needs and comforts. The list of future modifications is quite extensive, but I look forward to the opportunity.

5. It’s brought out my inner Bob Vila: As a youngster, I would often watch “This Old House” starring Bob Vila. It was interesting back then to see the tools used to renovate houses, techniques, philosophies, and team work. I didn’t really obsess about it at the time nor think how I might use the inspiration in my adult life, but as I modify and fix the house, I’m surprised how much this show and working on the family house with my parents has prepared me for my chosen path.

6. Using fewer resources: Some might argue that our carbon footprint of using new building materials is somewhat environmentally irresponsible and that we will consume many resourses in heating our house, I believe we are still doing our part to drastically reduce our over-all impact on the environment. We don’t own cars, drive little, ride our bicycles everywhere, don’t own massive entertainment systems, save many gallons of water a day with the composting toilet and quick showers every other day, and we try to use re-usable bottles as much as possible. If we had a bit more room on our plot, we would likely grow some of our own food, compost on-site, and partake in many other “hippy” actions that as I grow older seem like the more socially responsible thing to do for the planet.

7. Peace & quiet: We are lucky that our neighborhood is relatively quiet despite being pretty close to Portland International Airport. Other than each other and the cat, we lack housemates and thus competition for silence is nil. We used to run a fan every night to drown out street sounds, but now we fall asleep quickly without the jarring of accelerating busses, revving hot-rods, and drunken passers-by.

8. Frugal living: Now that we own the house and have purchased the initial accessories needed to “nest” in the house, and because we have very low rent and utility costs, we are free to work on paying off personal loans and saving up for further travel adventures. We even think about eventually owning some land or building another tiny house that is more in line with our dreams and lessons learned.

9. Clean-up is quick: I’ve covered this in a previous post and still love how I can clean the whole house by myself in less than an hour. That’s quite the way to impress the beloved before she comes home from work. I’ve always disliked previous house-holds where clean-up seemed to take hours or DAYS. Yuck.

10. It’s everything I need and nothing more: This statement isn’t ENTIRELY true. We still need a place to shield our bicycles and power-mover from the rain, I want more tools to build additions and other projects, and we still plan on doing some re-modeling. But if I accept everything as it currently IS, than nothing more is NEEDED. It’s all WANTS from here on.