I grew up in a 3 bedroom house with both my parents and 3 siblings. We were taught from very young ages to wield a hammer, turn a screw-driver, hold a wrench, and to not be afraid to fix something.

We remodeled all sorts of parts of our house, finished the basement to include two new bedrooms, built cabinets, tables, repaired bicycles, fashioned toys, and mended clothing…but I still can’t sew.

The day we moved into the Tiny House, I started a list of things to fix, improve, change, and re-build. I’ll gladly pick up the power drill to remount a door, swing a hammer to dismantle benches, re-assemble used wood to craft a bench, and use new tools I’ve never seen to cut out pieces of an oddly built closet. My Leatherman Wave has seen so much action these last two months, it’s rarely left my side.

Audrey even bought me a fancy pair of retro-style safety goggles that are the exact style that my Dad used to wear back in the 1980’s.


Although I’ve borrowed many tools to work on our house, I’m writing a wish-list of tools so that I can make more changes and build projects at my whim. I’m not going to have a full-blown work-shop, but enough tools to get us through major projects and repairs.

I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that is considering having a house built or building their own, to be comfortable using tools in correct and safe manner. Even if you have no inkling to build your own home, the inevitable problem may arise during your home-ownership, and you will be glad that you can choose the right bit for the power drill, replace that bit of broken molding, tighten the loose pipe, and hang a shelf to the wall.