My cat rocks. In fact, he has been my rock for 14 years now. Through thick and thin, ups and downs, cross-country moves, apartments, houses, and now tiny living he’s been by my side. He’s often a pain in the rear and sometimes cranky, but aren’t we all like that sometimes? He’s a great little companion, and super photogenic.

Living with the cat in the tiny house has brought challenges but I wouldn’t change much. Since it’s gotten warmer outside, he’s been going out more frequently to use the bathroom and that has given us more restful nights. There are always those days when he’ll go outside, chomp down on some grass, run into the house to puke on the rug, and then run back outside. He’s funny that way. He gets away with less now that his mischievous ways, like jumping on counters, are mostly within sight. He’s persnickety, playful, full of personality, and I love him to bits.

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