This weekend Tomas and I were off on a backpacking adventure with a new all-inclusive and all-around awesome group of people and kids, the 55th Cascadia Scouts of Portland…so while we were gone, we had guests! A friend of mine from Eugene and his girly were in town and needed a place to crash for the night, so we offered up our tiny house! He asked what they should know about staying in the tiny house.

My instructions:

Things to know about staying in the tiny house:

  • The doorknob locks are finicky.
  • To pee: both men and women have to sit down and the urine should go into the two holes in the front. Open the hatch after peeing, then toss toilet paper inside.
  • To poo: open the hatch (the lever on the left side if you’re sitting on the toilet) and go. cover poo with the shredded paper stuff that’s in the can to the left of the toilet (there’s a scooper in there). There’s also baby wipes on the tub edge. Throw toilet paper and baby wipes down the hatch.
  • Remember, when opening the hatch, always say, “bomb’s away”
  • To shower: towels are in the closet in the “great room” on the top shelf, left hand corner. Turn on the water full blast (turn counterclockwise) to activate the hot water. There’s not really much temperature control, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Be sure to turn on the fan to ventilate the steam. Switches are on the wall above the toilet to the left.
  • Kitchen sink: To get hot water, turn on the water faucet to the left full blast. Again, not much temperature control.
  • Stove: if you want to use the stove, it’s critical to: turn on the vent on the microwave (there’s a “vent” button), that way the gas fumes are vented.
  • Feel free to help yourself to any food in the fridge or cupboards. Poke around as much as you like. 🙂
  • Internet- the network connection is…
  • Heat: You probably won’t need it, but there’s one on the wall that heats up the loft, and another on the floor that heats the lower area. If you use the heaters, only run one at a time. (Don’t run the microwave and heater at the same time).
  • Benjamin: probably best to ignore as much as possible. I left out a lot of food and water for him. Hopefully he’ll go outside to use the bathroom, he’s been mostly doing that, with the occasional 2 am poo or puke. Hopefully he’ll be a good kitty for you, but you know how he is. :\
  • Hope it goes well!
  • P.S., feel free to open/close any/all windows as needed. 🙂

Their response to the stay:


We hope to have more guests in the future while we are off adventuring. 🙂

Cheers –