We moved!…Approximately 30 ft.

Since we moved in back in November, we have wanted to re-position our house to a better location on the property but the weather wouldn’t cooperate. We needed the ground to dry out enough so that we could get traction for the powermover and wheels of the trailer. Our house was positioned on a loose sand and gravel driveway that makes it extremely difficult to get enough traction to move the tiny house. This past week has finally been warm and dry and we toyed with the idea of trying to move the house again.

After the disappointment from our first attempt, we were scared we’d have a repeat failed occurrence. At least I was. But we decided we may as well give it another shot. We cried out for help from our friends and arranged to have them over (bribing with cold beverages and snacks). One friend brought along an air compressor to check the tire pressure since we thought that might help the move go smoother. The pressure wasn’t too low; the lowest tire was 50PSI (max 65PSI).

Last week I rented out the Powermover to Derin from Shelterwise who successfully maneuvered a tiny house built by a PAD workshop. He suggested we use spikes (long/6”nails) to nail down a large piece of plywood to the ground to give the powermover greater traction. This idea, combined with pavers under the house tires, 7 of our friends brainstorming and pushing, Tomas driving the powermover resulted in a triumphant move.

What a great way to celebrate our 6 months of living in the tiny house!!


Here’s a low quality (my apologies) video of a small portion the move:

All in all it took about 3 hours.


We’re eternally grateful for our friends.