Today was Sunday Parkways in NE Portland!…an event where the streets close to motor vehicles, and opens to walkers, joggers, cyclists, skateboarders, tall-bike riders, roller skaters…it’s an awesome sight to see and even more fun event to partake in. Our tiny house was on the route!…It was both exciting and a bit nerve-wrecking. Thousands of people going by…What will people say? Will they ogle? Will they call city officials?

As it turns out, it was good practice for next weekend’s Pedalpalooza Tiny Home Tour.

As I gardened in the front, I could hear passersby commenting, “Oh, look at the tiny house!”, and “That must be one of those ‘tiny houses’.” It felt a little odd and vulnerable to be observed. I guess I’m still apprehensive since the lifestyle is not completely accepted as of yet. We’re still somewhat at the mercy of the community.

As I caught up with a friend outside near our house, a few cyclists stopped by and asked to take a peek inside. This gave more people the opportunity to stop by as well. We then had a good group of folks asking questions and chatting about our locale. Some were amazed that two people and a cat live comfortably in under 200 sq ft. Others commented on the point that most of the world lives in smaller than typical American homes.

It was fun to hear the insights of others and see their perspectives. And nice to meet new friends! Next week’s going to be exciting!