Every house I’ve ever lived in the last 36 years has had problems.

My parents had to run a dehumidifier in the basement to keep moisture under control. Growing up, we re-modeled all parts of the house. Moving into my first apartment, my heater and stove died in the first month. Sharing a house with some friends, the water-heater died.

Leaky roof. Dead appliances. Insect invasions. Rotten wood. Burst plumbing. Backed-up sewers. The works.

A Tiny House is no exception to this ordeal.

Over the course of nearly 7 months, we’ve been dealing with a bit of mold, some bad wood, reconstructing the closet to better meet our needs, and general changes to details to our tastes.

Dealing with any of these issues as they come up is what helps make the experience of living in 160 square feet.

We can either curl up and cry about a bit of mold in the wall, or we can take a saw and fix it.


I’ve been leading the charge on home improvements as I have no fear of tools, fixing things, and generally getting my hair full of saw dust. Audrey has been very supportive and active in materials acquisitions since our schedules are currently a bit opposite.

Bit by bit, I saw, chop, demolish, and re-nail our problems into tiny solutions.

Keep a pair of safety goggles and get your hands dirty.