After completing the closet project, I decided that we had put up with the over-built bathroom door long enough. It scraped the door jam every time we opened and closed the door and just didn’t fit the space.

So, I did what any DIY-type guy would do. I ripped it off the wall and did something with the materials.

Work in progress

Tearing apart the old door

I’ve kind of had this idea in my head for a “landing zone” next to the door and underneath the coat hooks. We had been using the bench to place our stuff as we walked into the house, but that always left us feeling cluttered when it was time to sit down.

View from the bench

The old bench in use

Using the pine tongue-and-groove from the bathroom door, I fashioned a new frame and legs with one leg shortened to sit over the wheel wheel.

It was a quick and dirty project that turned out pretty nicely and matches the rest of the house. We have a place to put our backpacks and bags when we walk into the house as well as some nice storage for all our shoes.


I am so grateful to have such awesome neighbors that were willing to let me use their miter-saw and table-saw to complete these projects.