UPDATE 2013-7-09: Karin and Serenity have found a spot to live! Thanks to all for spreading the word.



A fellow tiny-houser is in need to find a place in the Portland metro area to park her tiny house as soon as possible.



Hi all!
after a lot of dreaming, planning, and hoping, I built a tiny house last year. It was an amazing experience and it changed my life. Building in Clackamas County was a mistake, however, and I now find myself with 7 days to find a new space. EEK!

Do any of you know of a space where I could park Serenity, me wee home? Ideally in NE PDX, as my business partner and I are opening a clinic on Alberta (woohoo!) and I would love to be able to walk or ride to work. Truthfully,anywhere in PDX is good.

I don’t need much, just a plug-in for a bit of electrickery, and a space at least 20’X8′. Also, the runway to the space needs to be wide enough for me to wiggle her into place.

My dream is a community lifestyle and I have quite a bit to offer–I am a gardener, an herbalist, have raised goats, I spin and weave beautiful cloth, I am a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and I can build stuff! And I can pay to boot.

I have attached pics of Serenity. And Willow my cat. The three of us are a package.

If you are interested let me know, or please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested. I am trying to remain calm, but really, this is a little scary…

If anyone can be of assistance, she would greatly appreciate it. We’ve been in her shoes when we scrambled to find a spot after our first didn’t work out as planned.

-Tomas & Audrey