What’s one way to get your tiny house clean and organized quick? Know that 100 people are coming over to visit!

We scrubbed, we cleaned, we found a “home” for all the things. I even trimmed the grass around the wheels of the house. The house looked great! We put out snacks, and cards, and a sign for our friend’s “Serenity“. Then we waited.

So many friendly faces showed up! Three groups of 30+ people all on bikes toured some of Portland’s tiny homes, including ours! The event is part of Pedalpalooza and is organized by tiny home enthusiast, builder, designer, and urban planner extraordinaire, Lina Menard. Pedalpalooza is just one of the 875,000 reasons why I love this town.

The feedback was really positive. People especially liked our kitchen layout, the space in the loft, and the garden. We shared the specs of the house and a bit about what it’s like to live in a space under 200 sq ft.

It was nice to hear the encouraging comments from folks about our house. The positive reactions helped me feel better after what we’ve been through with the build process and repairs. It’s nice to step back and see our progress through other people’s eyes. Showing off how we’ve made the home our own is also a great perk.

A year ago Tomas and I were participants on the tour dreaming our big “tiny” dreams. It’s part of what got us excited about tiny home living and motivated us to move forward and take the plunge. It’s when we asked ourselves, can we really do this? Is this really a possibility? Do people actually live this way? They do! Meeting real people who live in tiny homes who have made the reality happen is incredibly inspiring. And that’s what we hope to do for others.

Hopefully, people learned something from us they can use in their own tiny house adventures! We also hope that by opening the doors to our tiny home it will help open minds to this kind of living.

I know we took a lot of notes from other tiny houses in town, including some from the new Tiny House Hotel (coming soon to the interwebs)!


xoxo, stay cool out there!

Audrey & Tomas