After the exciting whirlwind tour back in June, we took a break from any home-improvement work.

However, August is slated as our “FIX ALL THE THINGS” month.

Today, we started with the awning. It leaked whenever it rained and didn’t really sit all that well since it was attached to the deck and the house. This did not bode well for long term survival of the house. The screws that kept the awning attached to the deck were self-tapping and stripped the wood every time we had to move it around.

My good friend and doppleganger, Ed, helped me out with this two-man task.

First we removed the awning from the house. Removed all the screws from the polycarbonate sheets, then applied silicon glue between the sheets to form a seal.


then applied glue to each screw and extra hold to add a bit more water-tightness.

I couldn’t find angle-brackets that were the size I needed, so we some door hinges to make some supports that attached directly to the house.


Now we don’t have to worry about the awning moving every time we walk on the deck or if the ground is uneven.


The only bummer now is that we won’t know if the water-tightness has improved until we get some good rains.

Thanks for the help Ed!