It’s been two weeks since Tomas and I have spent a night in our tiny home. We stayed with friends, while Benjamin vacationed at a swanky cat boarding facility called Meowhaus. Our belongings are stored in the garage at the main house on the property.  


Though we haven’t slept at the house, we have spent hours and hours working on, renovating, sweating, laboring, and transforming the inside of our home.

sanding pretty

The process has been arduous. It took us four days to sand all the surfaces, many nights past midnight cleaning and sealing the walls and floor, and many moments of stress and doubt that we were sanding with the correct grit, using the right tools, weren’t going to run out of sealant…it was quite the roller coaster. Friends and family pitched in their own time and tools to help us out and we are extremely grateful. We persevered and the results are outstanding.

floormodel floor

The interior wood is a glorious honey color that has inspired us to rename the house the “Hunny House”.  The surfaces glow with a gentle shine and I’m comforted knowing they are protected from moisture. And the floor is smooth enough for us to slide around in our socks!!


We took a trip to Mr. Plywood and purchased wood to replace much of the trim and for a few other projects. I painted the kitchen cabinets and Tomas is going to stencil on some original art! We’re excited to move back in tonight, unpack, and continue making the house more our own. We’ll share our thoughts through this process and more pictures once we get moved back in and settled.


Also, we are currently waiting to hear back from the Salem DMV about the status of our registration. Hopefully we’ll have good news soon!