Our ladder is sturdy, but slick, especially since we re-finished it, so we added grip tape!

I went to a local skate shop and purchased a few feet of their finest grit grip tape. Then to add a little character to our ladder, I decided to have fun with the project and I picked up a paw print stamp, made a stencil, and cut out 88 tiny ovals and 22 paw pads to make paw prints! I even added some to Benjamin’s cat perch.

Benjamin didn’t want to walk on the grip tape when we first added it to the ladder and he carefully walked down avoiding stepping on any, trying to slide down the edge of the ladder. But after a few attempts (and coaxing him with treats) he got used to it and gallops up and down like his normal frisky self. I thought it would stick to socks and feel icky on my feet, but it’s not bad and I feel more stable when going up and down the ladder. They’re cute, functional, and they make me smile.

In other cute news, we got a new shower curtain! The more things we can add to the house that make us smile, the better!

Shower Curtain