Greetings from the Hunny House!

This month we celebrated our one year tiny house anniversary! How tiny time does fly.

We celebrated by having our tiny house neighbors over for dinner! Well, they aren’t exactly our immediate neighbors, but they are a couple who moved nearby in their tiny house they built themselves. Their house is stunning and they are fabulous people! We are thrilled to have met like-minded allies nearby.

What else have we been up to recently? Myself, I’ve been busy with class (because everyone needs a little class). Tomas has kept himself busy working and volunteering with the BPSA scouts and he was recently accepted to be a part of the Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNWSAR) class of 2014! He’s looking forward to being a part of their team.

What did we spend our time doing this year? Well let’s see…

After one year of living tiny

I can’t believe:

  • We haven’t killed each other
  • The composting toilet doesn’t make the house smell like poo
  • How complex this lifestyle can actually be
  • How amazing the Portland tiny house network is
  • How messy we are
  • How handy Tomas is
  • How well Benjamin adapted (he’s such a trooper!)

I can believe:

  • It’s possible to thrive living tiny
  • In the kindness and generosity of others
  • We are doing the right thing for us
  • How messy we are
  • We’ve grown as individuals (grow? Get it? In a tiny house?…sigh)
  • We are still practicing and there is a lot more to learn
  • Most importantly, if we can make it a year, we can continue for many more to come

We will continue to play, laugh, live, and love.


Audrey & Tomas