Going through some old journals to scan and toss, I found an old paragraph from 2008:

“I pondered what my life would be like if I lived devoid of all these electronics and entertainment so readily available. I have seen plans on the internet for very small houses of 150-square feet or so, if I had a wife, could I make it work in such a small space? Where would I build? How would I fund it? Could I still be the role I desire? Without a big mortgage, I could afford a small studio space in the city to pursue my creativity. If I lived in a two-bedroom apartment I might still be distracted by the everyday minutia of household chores and access to books.”

This entry was dated Saturday, August 9, 2008. I had just recently walked from a ludicrously paying tech-support job that left me feeling so bored and empty. I was trying to build a new phase in my life and do something different. The last 5 years or so have been so different.  A special someone in my life, a tiny house, and working on something different for a living.


Much of what I wanted to become in life has come to be, including living with the most awesome woman in the world.