Nearing the end of 2013 and just breaching our first year in the tiny house, we’ve come to realize that although the house is wrapped in R-13 rated pink insulation and seems to be blocking drafts quite well, it does get cold a bit easy.

For the most part, we’ve been able to keep warm by using a low power convection heater by Envi for most of the day and a Vornado  when we wanted a bit more heat in the lower part of the house. Unfortunately, we are still running the entire house off of a standard household outlet that is limited to 15 amps at any one time. Since the temperatures dipped below 28F, running either heater on Medium setting just isn’t keeping us quite warm enough. The house doesn’t seem to want to get over 55F. That’s just too chilly for our comfort.

We started to notice a few deficiencies in our insulation. We had to add a couple of missing strips of foam near the cat door, filled a few gaps in the corner of the french door that was never opened.


We also purchased some cedar lattice along with some contractor grade plastic sheeting to close off the crawl space and limit the heat loss by wind. We also wrapped the entire length of hose in foam pipe insulation. The instant water heater got dressed in bubble-wrap, and all the windows covered in additional plastic.  The floor was also getting quite chilly and proved too much for bushy socks, so we purchased rugs to help fend off the chill.

The house is still a bit chilly at 58F, and although the outside temperatures are going up a bit, but we have already started thinking ahead to purchasing a propane-fired marine-grade furnace to battle the next cold snap.