We’ve passed our two year mark living in the Hunny House!

Not too much has changed to the interior; a bit more clutter and dust (not too surprising, eh?).


A few improvements:

We replaced the ceiling trim (since the wood the builders stapled up fell down). We measured, and then bought strips from Mr. Plywood. I stained them over the summer, and Tomas installed them with brass screws:


We have a bathroom door! With a real door handle! The door is a standard width ordered from Home Depot that Tomas trimmed (top/bottom) to fit the space. I ordered a flat-handle, and just last week Tomas finished up the job by adding the door-catch on the wall. Now we (and guests) have a teensy bit more privacy.

We installed a French drain for our greywater! We decided on a super simple set-up since our water output is very low. We found a larger perforated pipe at Home Depot with a sleeve that fits around it to keep small sand bits out. We dug a trench about 1.5-2ft deep with a gradual slope away from the house. So far all systems seem to be working okay, no sign of floods or puddles and hopefully the garden will benefit in the dry summer from the extra water input. I planted mint near the greywater exit to mask any smells.

Speaking of water, so far so good with our new water heater (Her Watery Highness). We’ve recently had some below-freezing temps to test it, hopefully the functioning streak continues!

Since tiny houses shift and settle, we had to address small cracks in the caulk along the exterior house and window corners and edges. It was a rather simple improvement recommended to us by a home inspector, who said it’s one of the best ways we can keep up the integrity of the exterior wood. Sealing them properly will keep the rain and moisture from penetrating and damaging the wood. Hooray, we finally did it!


One of the biggest projects this year that we accomplished was PAINTING THE EXTERIOR TRIM! What a big job that was – borrowing ladders, taping edges, spilling paint, cleaning up paint, fleeing from wasps, dismantling the awning, waiting for sunny days – but we did it! It was the original plan, to have a bright trim color, but since we had other improvements to make first, this project was delayed. I think the final paint job turned out pretty well, don’t you?


We haven’t just settled more into the tiny house this past year; we’ve also settled our minds a bit. Over the year, I still had moments questioning if this is the right decision for us. We wondered if this is a good investment long-term or if we “need” more space. I don’t know what the “right” answers are, but I think it’s a good idea to reflect why we’re making our choices.

We’ve adapted pretty well over two years in the house, and we figure, why not try a few more? Honestly, we no longer feel like we’re “trying” on the tiny house, instead we’re living our lives with the house in the background (especially since we’ve fixed the major errors caused by our builder).

We continue to adapt when things come up, like when Tomas moved his art studio inside, or when my Aunt and cousin needed a place to stay for a wedding in town – we make do and it works! There’s no question of the immediate financial benefits, and we hope that if some day we ever have to sell, the market will be there. We see most of our friends buying big houses, but there tiny house peeps joining the network every day (even in our neighborhood!). We’re excited to see where this next year takes us all.

Making room for the uke.

Making room for the uke.

Happy New Year! – Love, Audrey, Tomas, and Benjamin


P.S. Not only is it New Year’s Day, it’s also Benjamin’s 16th birthday! Happy birthday to our beloved Fluffernutter.


I don’t look a day over 7