I have good news and sad news.

The good news is life outside the tiny house has pretty much been status quo this summer; hiking the Olympics, backpacking Alaska, bike-touring eastern Oregon, the usual. Tomas continues his work with Ride With GPS and mountain biking in stunning places.


Photo by Brad Reber


Nature and the outdoors continue inspiring me and I’ve discovered the joy of birding (and writing a birding blog!)

Great Horned Owl

The exceptionally sad news is we had to say goodbye to Benjamin this summer.



Life inside the tiny house will never be the same. I know many people have experienced this loss and know how hard it is. He was the best kitty companion I’ve known and his curious, funny, quirky personality is greatly missed. The tiny house feels empty without him, but our hearts are filled with happy memories of the little furball.

He would gently paw my face in the morning to wake me up, and run to the ladder to go down at the exact same moment I did. When we arrived home he would greet us, run over, and meow lovable meows. He was smart, adaptable, and quickly understood how to use the cat-door. He thoroughly enjoyed his time outside laying in sunny spots. He loved car rides and would often hop in the car when we got home. He moved across the country with me and into a tiny house like it was no big deal.

He was a champ and we sorely miss him.



To honor his memory, I’ve planted a memorial garden in one of his favorite spots in the garden. In spring, orange and white tulips will grow in his memory.


We love and miss you Benjamin.

Miss the cat

Tiny house life goes on, as time heals.


Audrey & Tomas