Who are Audrey & Tomas?

Audrey Addison:

She moved to Portland, OR 9 years ago and decided to ‘try on’ a tiny home and to embrace a simpler way to live in the world. She feels lucky to have the support of family and friends and feels even luckier to have a partner who shares her dream. She’s a lover of nature, learning, and bikes.

Tomas Quinones:

Recently turned freelance illustrator with a focus on children’s literature, Tomas became interested in tiny houses and simplifying his life after leaving an unfulfilling IT job in 2008. Since then he started ditching the unimportant stuff in his life and focusing more on experiences rather than collecting.


Audrey has loved (served) this furball for almost 14 years. He’s her rock. Always cute, he’s cuddly when he wants to be (especially if you have tuna).

AKA Benjito Pepito, Fluffernutter, Mr B, Pumpkin Pie, Little Monkey, Cranky-Puss, Booger-Butt, Mao Mao, Chairman Meow, El Gato, Benji, Furball, Rupert

She loves me