Specs on our tiny house.

  • Total Cost: $38,000
  • Trailer: 10,000 pound capacity
  • Size: 8’x20’x13.5′
  • Internal Room: ~200sqft
  • Composting Toilet by Nature’s Head
  • RV Propane Stove
  • Microwave with built in venting hood
  • Mini-refridgerator
  • Electric Heater
  • Sleeping Loft
  • Rinnai V-53e-LP Water Heater
  • Sky Light
  • Custom-Built reading nook
  • Delivered: November 2, 2012
  • Resides: Portland, OR USA
Front of the house

Front of the house


Q: Where/how did you find your spot to park the house?
A: We found a home-owner in Portland via Craigslist-Housing that had two prior tiny-house tenants and really wanted another.

Q: Seems kind of expensive, couldn’t you spend less?
A: We opted to spend a bit more on the tongue & groove material and appliances as well as the labor costs so that we can both work full time jobs and not waste so much time as inexperienced builders.

Q: Where do you put your bikes?
A: The bikes are stored in the garage of our host site along with the shared washer & dryer. In the near future we may build a covered bike-parking awning.

Q: Is it warm enough?
A: It hasn’t yet been cold enough to find out, but we have a heater and the house seems to warm up quick. We have to keep the windows cracked open even when it’s 50F.

Q: Do you feel cramped?
A: Not yet!

Q: What are you doing for water/electric/internet?
A: RV Hose to outside tap for water, contractor grade extension cord to garage for power (for now), Clear Wireless 4G internet.